Party The purpose of organizing a party is mainly socializing, conversation, recreation or just commemoration of a special occasion. Typically a party features foods and beverages, music, dance and other forms of entertainment. Some parties are held in honor of a specific person, day, or event. Parties of this kind are often called celebrations. There are different types of parties like Birthday party, Surprise party, Dinner party, Garden party, Cocktail party, Tea party, Dance party, Block party, fancy dress party, Graduation party, Housewarming party, Welcome party, Political house-party, Farewell party, New Year's Day, New Year's Eve, Marriage-related parties like Bridal shower, Bachelor party, Bachelorette party, Wedding reception etc and many more. Executing a party perfectly without anyone’s help is quite difficult. That’s why every party host needs an expert party organizer. Antora Wedding Planner arranges well-executed standard parties with creative themes and gorgeous decorations. Antora can be a reliable friend for every party host.