The specialty of Antora wedding planner

“Antora Wedding Planner” one of the most renowned and well-established wedding planner firms who can help you solve your wedding planning woes through its unique features. Our experience, creativity, and passion will upraise your event to one of the most remembered occasions for its flawless execution, inspiring design and memorable moments with textures, style, and creativity. We will take care of everything about your wedding day and A to Z in between. Our expertise and services cover all aspects of your Dream wedding, for example- From selecting the perfect venue, ceremony & reception design, pre-event planning, extraordinary decoration , stylish stage, unique lighting set, stationery, first-class catering, ceremony cakes, Hospitality, Guest Management, music, entertainment & DJ Party, flowers, photography, cinematography, bridal make-up etc. Moreover, you can get bridal dress & ornament ideas and designs from us. You can get all the services in our wedding packages. We do everything according to our clients' requirements, demands & budget. Antora's wedding team promises to fulfill all of your expectations and that's what makes Antora Wedding Planner exceptional.

We believe that every event should be a delightful celebration. We understand the needs and importance of a perfect wedding event. That’s why we try to provide our clients with the highest services. The motive is to minimize our client's efforts in executing the most optimum and luxurious wedding event.