Palanquin (Palki)

Antora event planner has all types of Wedding palanquin (Palki). Example, Wedding Doli, Dulhan palki, Brass Metal Doli, Peacock Doli, Swan Doli, Princess Wedding Palki, Asian Wedding Open palki. Many attractive uncommon wedding palanquins are used for the wedding. This is called Lounge Style “Doli”. Peoples like something new/different. Currently, ‘horse carts’ are used for the ‘bride’ and ‘horse’ is used for the ‘groom’.Our Palkis / Dolis make brides entry a unique affair. We want every person at the wedding will be attracted to this doli. Making your wedding special & memorable, we manufacture and present exclusive wedding palki.The palki which we offer is used to carry the bride. This palki is crafted and designed by our experienced professionals by using standard quality wood. Our Features- Hanging Work, Unique Construction design, Comfortable to Sit, Easy to Pick up with help of strong iron bars, Made from premium quality materials, Competitive Prices, Light in weight. We give the traditional & modern look at our Wedding, so it can attract the guests on the wedding day.