Cars Decoration

Antora Wedding Planner Provides ‘Wedding Car Decoration’ Services. Our expert and creative team know very well how wedding car decorations can be designed. They make an impressive design that the bride and groom, and their guests will be attracted. The car’s decoration needs to have a little fantasy and skills. We decorate the car in such a way that the decoration does not bother the driver. For the decoration most often we use artificial or fresh colorful flowers, tapes, balloons, decorative rings or hearts, stickers in the shape of a heart. Antora Organizer uses own theme design. If your car is bright, we use bright accessories. For darker cars, we use delicate bright colors to soften the heaviness of the dark color. The newlyweds’ car should be the most elegant, the rest of the cars are more modestly decorated. It is best when all the cars are decorated in the same style.