Beauty & Makeup Services

Your wedding,ceremony,birthday or any party makes you even more beautiful–Antora event planner carries exclusive and special care on all of these. If a girl was allowed one glamorous day in her entire life, one day to look at her absolute best, it would be her wedding day. To get ready, you need the help of the most professional hairdressers, makeup artists, aestheticians, and everything like that. This team of professionals is there to make you look amazing, both to the eye of your guests and to the eye of the cameras present at the wedding.Professional makeup is not about mascara and lipstick color.It’s about a foundation work that will look light and natural but bring out your best feature and conceal any problems. We work with expert beauticians and experienced professionals who will get this done. We will take you to trials prior to the day, so you can visualize both the final hairdo and the final makeup and feel completely confident and relaxed on the wedding day.Of course,we will provide the same service to your bridesmaids and family members.